August 20, 2022 @ 6:30 AM – 12:00 PM America/Denver Timezone
Voorheese Ranch
1440 Voorhees Ranch Way
Castle Rock CO 80109
Brekke Veterinary Clinic

Rattlesnake bites to dogs can be costly to treat and even deadly; Help safeguard your dog against unexpected rattlesnake encounters when hiking, hunting or even in your own backyard. Rattlesnakes are active from early spring through mid-fall and hibernate in winter. With fall right around the corner it is possible to see an increase in rattlesnake activity as they begin to search for a warm place to hibernate for the winter. This increases the chance that you and your dog may encounter a rattlesnake – dogs are more likely to die from rattlesnake bites than humans due to the difference in body weight.

Avoidance training can be a lifesaving tool for not only your dog but for dog owners as well by warning owners of a snake nearby. Brekke Veterinary Clinic is partnering with J Paw Training LLC to offer a rattlesnake avoidance training Saturday August 20th,2022. Registration is $115 per dog and a portion of the proceeds go to medical care for rescue pets in Colorado (rescue partners of Brekke Veterinary Clinic). The training will last approximately 30 minutes per dog which is longer than the average 15-minute training. First training will begin at 6:30am and the last will be at 11:30am to help avoid afternoon summer heat!

Register your dog (6months old + only please) for rattlesnake avoidance training now thru Friday August 19th by calling Brekke Veterinary Clinic at 303-474-4260 – a deposit is required to reserve your specific training time. Training times are filling up fast so register today!